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Chinese pure silk products to be presented at Heimtextil


Heimtextil Russia 2011, International Trade Fair for Hometextiles, Floor Coverings and Interior Furnishings to be held at IEC «Crocus expo», Moscow from September 21 - 23 2011.

China is still keeping its position of a world leader in production of pure silk. During Heimtextil Russia, Chinese manufacturers are going to present luxurious pure silk bed-linen, silk jacquard of various colors, interior fabrics made from pure silk. The European manufacturers are also going to present their collections made from pure silk as well as from silk combined with other materials.

Pure silk has been always representing luxury, for hundreds years it has been as valuable as real gems and jewels.

The history of silk thread production began in the III century before the Christian Era in China. According to the legend, the silk thread was invented by Lei-Zu - the wife of the Yellow Emperor of China. Once she saw a silkworm stuck in her cup of tea, she wanted to help a little thing to get out, and as a result she got a long thin thread. She was so impressed by the beauty and strength of the thread that she got thousands of silkworm cocoons and weaved the silk clothes for her husband. That was the beginning of a luxury epoch of pure silk, and Lei-Zu got the second name for her invention - "the goddess of silk".

Heimtextil Russia 2011 - strong grounds for continued success
New creative projects and new partnerships, combined with the already existing expertise and the established position of Heimtextil Russia are strong grounds for continued success and significant factors for future development.

Exhibitors and visitors can expect growth in qualities and quantities and enjoy new inspiring ideas and business opportunities.


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